5 Things to Know Before Wedding Dress Shopping

Shopping for your wedding dress is supposed to be the highlight of any woman’s life. For many, shopping for a wedding dress can be stressful and cause anxiety, rather than calm and peaceful. Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate shopping for a wedding dress in today’s world of e-commerce and more body inclusive collections. Here are our five tips to make shopping for your dress a fun and exciting experience for all!

Start Shopping One Year Out

Fire up your Pinterest boards and start flipping through bridal magazines! The best time to start searching for your dream dress is ideally one year out from your wedding date. Many boutiques will need that lead time to order your dress (which can often take months to arrive) and set up fitting appointments to make sure your dress fits like a glove. We recommend you purchase your dress no later than 6 months out. Many boutiques will charge an extra rush fee in order to have the dress arrive on time.

Book In Advance

Most, if not all, bridal salons require appointments to try on dresses with their stylists. During this time you’ll sit down with your stylist to review your favorite silhouettes, styles, colors and embellishments. Their job is to make you feel comfortable and to help find your dream dress. Whether it takes 1 appointment or 5, they’ll help you!

Limit Your Guests

Trying on wedding dresses can often be overwhelming due to audience participation. Try to limit the number of guests you invite to attend your dress selection. We recommend no more than 3-4. If you’re more comfortable trying on alone, feel free to do so! There’s no rule saying you cannot try on dresses alone. By going alone, you can really focus on what type of dress you want and ultimately purchase the one that’s perfect for your day.


An often overlooked component of dress shopping is wearing the appropriate undergarments. We recommend wearing smooth underwear and bras in order to not create any lines or bumps in the fabric.

A Number is Just a Number

Wedding dress sizing is wildly different than those we normally wear from our favorite stores. So don’t be alarmed if you’re a size 6 in street clothes and they measure you for a size 10! Don’t let the size discourage you or make you feel insecure. A number is just a number and you’ll be a beautiful bride regardless of size!

One final tip to take away after shopping for your dress: stop looking! Nothing is worse than continuing to research wedding dresses after you’ve made your purchase. Be confident that you’re decision was the best decision you’ve ever made!

Kelly HarroldComment