2019 Wedding Trends

It’s crazy to think that 2018 is quickly winding down and 2019 is right around the corner. Which only means for couples getting married in 2019, it’s time to look at the trends projected for the next year!

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Minimalist Dresses

After two royal weddings this year, Meghan Markle has helped set the stage for a more minimalist style dress. With a sleek silhouette and simple design, be on the lookout for similar styles to begin hitting the bridal shows at the beginning of the year.

Bring the Outdoors In

This has been an ongoing trend for a few years now but it’s not going anywhere soon! Lavish bouquets and luscious greenery will continue to make an appearance at weddings in 2019. More couples are beginning to focus more of their decor on large greenery designs like hanging ferns and long garlands. We love the more natural and whimsical designs that are popular right now!

Creative Wedding Cakes

We’ve seen our fair share of opulant wedding cakes and in 2019, they’re only going to become more creative. Metallic touches, personalized monograms and cake toppers, and creative colors will become all the rage.

Three-Piece Suits

After a long hiatus, three-piece suits are starting to make a comeback for grooms and groomsmen. Tailoring is becoming ever important for the groom and we can see why! It’s their time to shine so why not wear a dapper, well tailored suit? We love Indochino for all our groom and groomsmen needs.

Zero Waste Weddings

This is a trend we can all get behind! More weddings are become aware of ways to reduce waste and have a more eco-friendly wedding. There are simple ways to accomplish this. Consider not using plastic bar straws, cocktail napkins, or other single use plastics at your own wedding.

Bridesmen and Groomgirls

We love inclusive weddings! More couples are choosing their best guy friend to be their maid of honor and vice versa. Flower grandmas are also making a splash this year, which honestly, is the sweetest idea ever.

Grazing Tables

For a more informal twist on cocktail hour, couples are gravitating towards grazing tables rather than passed appetizers. Guests can easily create plates for themselves and ensure that no one goes hungry throughout the evening!

What are your favorite trends for 2019? Leave a comment below! Don’t miss our Facebook Live discussing upcoming trends on Tuesday, November 20 at 12PM for more tips!

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