DIY Acrylic Wedding Signage

Acrylic DIY.png

If you’ve ever looked at those beautiful acrylic signs on Pinterest and wanted one for your own wedding, you’ll be amazed to learn how easy they are to do! All you need to create your own handlettering masterpiece is acrylic and a chalk pen. We’re showing you the easy DIY way to creating your own custom handlettered signage for your wedding. I hope your tracing skills are on point!


Acrylic sheets (you can pick them up at Lowe’s)
Chalk pens (a must!)
Windex Wipes
Printed custom design

Design and Print

The first step is to figure out what your sign will say. For our design, we’ll be creating a sign for the guestbook and wedding hashtag and printed it on a 8.5x11 piece of paper.

Measure and Tape

While I always recommend starting with a simple project, you can always choose whichever design you’d like! This is the perfect project for a seating chart or bar menu. For our design, you’ll simply print them out and tape them behind the acrylic sheet.


The next steps is to carefully trace your printed design. So simple! I highly recommend using a chalk pen. Paint pens won’t work as effectively and won’t blend appropriately. Chalk pens work wonderfully because it can easily ‘attach’ itself to the smooth acrylic texture.

Remove the Guides

Once you’ve finished lettering your sign, remove the printed design and voila! Your amazing artwork is complete! In case you made any mistakes (like I did!), you can easily remove the paint by using window wipes or nail polish remover.

That’s all it takes to create a handletter wedding sign, so simple! People will be amazed at your beautiful signs. They’ll just never know how easy it was to create! We loved creating a variety of signs for our own wedding including the guestbook sign, hashtag sign, and welcome sign that created each of our guests at the reception.

Kelly HarroldComment