Creative Wedding Transportation for Guests

Looking for a fun and creative way to transport guests from the ceremony to your reception? The logistics of getting to and from the two sites can be a bit of a nightmare! In today’s modern era of technology, it might be easy to assume everyone will drive themselves, but that may not always be the best or safest plan! It’s incredibly smart and thoughtful to make room in your budget to provide transportation for guests. If you’re having the ceremony and reception in separate locations, I highly recommend it! I’ve rounded up five of my favorite, and creative, ways to transport guests from Point A to Point B in style!

Trolley Car

Trolley cars are all the rage right now! They’re beautiful, spacious, and look phenomenal in photos! Most trolleys can easily accommodate up to 40 passengers per trolley making it an economical and cute transportation option.

Horse and Carriage

Horse and carriages are oh so Charleston! If you’re hosting a destination wedding in Charleston or expecting a large attendance of out-of-state guests, this option will truly wow them!

Vintage Bus

You can never go wrong with a bus but a vintage bus is even better! Perfect for transporting up to 60 guests, a vintage bus looks amazing in photos and gives your guests a ride of a lifetime!

Golf Carts

Another Charleston classic, golf carts! A golf cart can be handy if your ceremony and venue are close or at the same venue. Make sure you decorate them with something cute like tassel banners, balloons, and more!


Perfect for the nautical couple getting married around water, a sailboat is a romantic way to whisk guests away to their next destination. If you’re having your wedding at a marina, consider renting a sailboat for cocktail hour!

Wedding Transportation Tips

Now that you’ve got your fabulous ride squared away, let’s discuss family and friends. Providing transportation is a kind gesture that they’ll definitely appreciate. To make the process even smoother, make sure you follow these 4 tips for ultimate guest happiness.

Rent Bigger Vehicles

By making a conscious decision to rent vehicles, like a vintage bus or trolley, that holds more people will limit how many trips they’ll have to make. This means everyone will get from the hotel to the ceremony or the ceremony to reception in record time.

Plan Something to Do

If you’re unable to transport everyone at once, plan for something while they wait. This could be a musician entertaining guests, or provide snacks and champagne to get the party started (and keep hunger pains away)!

Schedule Wisely

While taking photos, have transportation begin taking various guests to the reception venue. This will allow for the photographer to take wedding party portraits and family portraits. This will help best utilize that in-between time of ceremony and cocktail hour.

Add Extra Time!

Even if you’re only going a mile down the road, it’s always wise to add additional time! You never know if there’s a traffic jam, accident, or simply to allow more time for guests to board and disembark from the vehicle. It’s also wise to allot for extra time so older guests or children can head back to the hotel whenever they’re ready.

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