What to Pack for Your Bachelorette Weekend


If there’s one thing I love it making a handy checklist! I tell clients that I live and breathe by them, and it’s no joke! So it’s no surprise that I love making checklists for what to pack for a weekend getaway. But not just any weekend getaway, your bachelorette weekend deserves it’s own special kind of checklist!

I’ve rounded up some of my must have items for a bachelorette weekend and, I’ve included a fun PDF to download to help you with your own packing!


This is your time to shine ladies! Not just the bride, but her bridesmaids as well. I always advise my couples to dress like an Instagram star for their trip! This is a great time to break out fun outfits you’ve been dying to wear and fully embrace the fun (yet cheesy) traditions of any bachelorette.

One item that I always love to have on hand is a lightweight jacket and a comfy pair of shoes. Regardless of where you’re going, you’ll be glad to have a comfy pair of sneakers or flats as you run around a city!


Let me play mom here for a moment and tell you a basic list of must haves for a toiletry bag:

  • Toothbrush/ toothpaste

  • Makeup / makeup remover

  • Deodorant

  • Hair styling accessories

  • Shampoo/ soap

  • Hangover pills

What’s that? A hangover cure? Why yes, such a thing exists! I highly recommend drinking water in between drinks but these hangover pills will help cure your ailments the next day! Take three at night with lots of water and go to sleep!

Bridal Attire

As with any good bachelorette, you’ll need to make sure you have the appropriate bridal attire! This includes a white dress/ jumpsuit, or two-piece outfit, heels, and any accessories your bridesmaids may give you.


Like any good traveler, you’ll want to make sure you have some entertainment while traveling. Make sure to download some of your favorite movies or shows from Netflix or Amazon Prime to enjoy while you fly or drive. I love using this time to read a book or catch up on some of my favorite shows!

Feeling a little overwhelmed at what to pack? Never fear! I’ve created an easy checklist to help make packing for your bachelorette party easy! And it can all fit inside of a carry-on bag, win! You can download it here.

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